Airbnb Ta Appear N' Court: Repoatz | The Chicaga Tribune

Near two-thirdz uv New York citee apartmintz recint liste' on Airbnb wuz illegal zubletz, accordn' ta 'n affidavit from da state Attorney Gineralz office, da newspapa say. Da affidavit, wich be expecte' ta be file' n' court on Monday by da AGz office, zhowz 64 percint uv Airbnbz 19,500-pluz offeringz fo'Jan. 31 cova 'n entia apartmint, da NY Pos' say. ( Moe den 200 uv da offeringz came from jus' five hoztz, suggestn' third partiez wuz rintn' out padz on behalf uv they ownerz, da newspapa say.

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